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SABSA, the world’s leading free-use and open-source Security Architecture development, management method and framework is changing the Enterprise Architecture landscape.

With SABSA Chartered Security Architects in over 50 countries around the world, SABSA is transforming Information Security, Risk Management, and even Compliance & Audit, into ‘Centres of Business Enablement’.

At SABSAcourses.com we are the pre-eminent global providers of Official and Accredited SABSA Training and Certification, with a wide range of courses, available in more locations than any other SABSA provider.

Led by David Lynas (SABSA Co-author, SABSA Institute CEO and Lead author of the SABSA Institute’s Intellectual Property), our team of highly-experienced SABSA Instructors help us to achieve the highest average examination scores of any global SABSA Education Provider. http://sabsacourses.com

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SABSA Institiute

The SABSA Institute, the host organisation of the SABSA World Congress, is the governing body for the SABSA Education and Certification Programme world-wide. It is charged with providing assurance and confidence to employers and peers of the capabilities and competencies of Chartered SABSA Architects. The full programme of SABSA education events from all Accredited Education Providers is maintained at http://sabsa.org/training-schedule.

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